Saturday, September 3, 2011

Third World War

Infinite screaming baby heads within another is certainly an unpleasant image. Imagining the cacophony this abomination would produce just makes me want to pour some tar in my ears. Whistling aside, that shrill cry from unformed humans is definitely on my list of shit I never want to hear but somehow find myself hearing every day. But I'm sure Third World War was aware of this reaction when choosing cover art since it seems appropriate when considering their no bullshit stance. Confrontation and political years before some upstart twats decided to hide their love of Genesis and pierce their cocks and shop at boutiques. This is real punk played by people who sound like their would seriously fuck you up rather than knit a scarf while complaining about how bored they are. Seriously though punks, I love you. You have such cute little uniforms.


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