Friday, September 30, 2011

Milton Nascimento-Clube da Esquino

Well shit. This was one that I definitely thought I'd post on some breezy summer night where all the daily bullshit has been washed away and it almost has you thinking that there actually is such a thing as a soul and that at that moment you actually have one. Those be rare moments indeed. And fictional ones too mind you. But you know kinda what I mean. This album can actually enhance those moods. Not to say that it's going to all the sudden bring you to some new faith or anything (why would I post that?) but that it certainly gives you that warm, almost buzz-like, spine tingly feeling that you might have gotten occasionally in your youth when things seem to be going right momentarily. My ex once explained this phenomenon as akin to listening to Tina Turner's version of River Deep, Mountain High (though she thought the song was called Rag Doll). And I knew what she was talking about. For me, I remember a time in kindergarten when I picked up this dwarf-sized girl in my class and receiving a furious scolding, but I'm not too sure what that says about me or why I would write that (I do recall, however, a particular penchant for small people). Anyways...As you got older that feeling just seemed more like a memory or a half memory so far removed from the present that you began to doubt its actual existence. Then it somehow surfaces again and your reminded of this strange sensation that seems more of a fiction than an actual experience. Like looking at that childhood photo of yourself that seems so defamiliarized and detached from your current existence. I suppose its the feeling of connectivity. "Only connect," right Forster?

Here (reuped 7/19/12)


  1. I've had this vinyl for 20 years but haven't played it in the last 5. You make me wanna go pull it out again. Ol' Milton!

  2. Milton is amazing and this album is brilliant. It's good to see it posted.