Saturday, September 3, 2011

C.O.B.-Spirit of Love

On one of my too many flights around the country this summer I had one of those unexpected moments where all the antipathy and misanthropy seem to just dissolve due to some kind stranger. Surprisingly, the stranger here was a Texan. I won't hold that against her even though I couldn't wait to stop hearing her accent. Anyways, sharing a flight to somewhere (can't even remember anymore) we decided just to snuggle under her blanket and take a nap together. I know it's no penthouse forum letter or anything, but it was oddly more significant in that something as simple as falling asleep next to a beautiful girl could even make a staunch grouch like myself feel something long dead. Then we got off the plane and that was that. I don't know her name even but it was something simple that just sticks in the mind. Well, there's something warm and comforting about this album that made me think of that time. If you're like me then you'll probably find it easy to slip in to some cocoon of sad music and get comfy with your misery and that is exactly why albums like this are so dear. This isn't some bubbleheaded, life affirming, vapidness but something precious and human and fragile. So by now you've surmised that I am the world's biggest pussy. Top flight sleuthing skills there Poirot.



  1. Yep,I always suspected that you were a pussy, and the last time i played this album I hated it. But, reading your superb narrative, I believed I was wrong.....and you know what? I was....I now love this LP.Whats happening to me? Anyways,just a word to say that your blog is my prefered reading on the blogger sphere. Yes, i'm an arse lick and a pussy, and Black Metal is Elitism. Nick of Die or DIY?

  2. Very good writing and description. I'm listening now. You could have at least remembered the Texans name...

  3. I loved this album immediately ever since I bought a bootleg reissue about 25 yrs ago...hardly surprising being an Incredible String Band I suppose.
    Still, this is different from ISB and is my favourite of their two LPs...or maybe is just because I got hold of "the long-titled one" later and haven't played it as much as this...