Monday, October 3, 2011

Amon Duul II-Wolf City

Perhaps the lumbering giant in a catalogue deep enough to drown molasses. I admit my bias here in that I love both Amon Duul and Amon Duul II to an unhealthy degree. And even with my rose colored glasses on, this album still took a while to grow on me. Where is that thuggish caveman tude that blessed the chaos of mach I? The more stream lined mind fuckery of there early releases doesn't seem to be as prevalent on initial listen, but dig, dig deep my friend. It shant take long since the lead track is already positioning you towards some outer recess that most dare not explore. Fuck those who claim this as their softening. Sure I still miss those elements already address, but if those ears are pricked they cannot deny the wigged out brilliance of this under rated classic.

Here (reuped 7/19/12)

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