Friday, September 16, 2011

Cozmic Corridors

Pure synth-esthesia for those looking for some analog bliss. Everything I see on line tells me that this is something German from the 70s, but there's a weird part of me that seems to remember this being some fake out that was part of a hoax concocted by one of the guys from Sundial. Am I wrong about that? Is this one of those fake lost classics, or is legit? I can remember. I don't care. Neither should you. this one spans the spectrum, moving from some enlightened cosmic clouds to some trenchant darkspaces. It's forward thinking sounds only reinforces my believe this fraudulent. If it be the case that I'm wrong about this one, then it only makes it all the more a success.

Here (reuped 7/19/12)


  1. Fake lost classic...

  2. yep, a fake, like everything else on the Psi-Fi label (Golem, Galactic Explorers) as well as those "Unknown Deutschland" comps that came out on some major label in the mid 90s.

    not that it isn't still great, but nor is it what it pretended to be

  3. yeah it is a fake but everything you said i agree with, the fact that it is so good means that people can believe it and its something that may have not gotten any listening without having to attach a ridiculous tale to.....

  4. Well thanks for exposing the mystery. I got a bunch of those records back then, never realized that they were recorded later. They were very good.

    I always wondered about them because I could not figure out how "new" oldies just appeared. They were quickly accepted by many as the real thing and appeared next to them on record store shelves. I don't remember anyone talking about them being new recordings.

    If Sundial is among the participants in this one, my hats off to them.

    Thank you for all your work in posting such wonderful stuff.