Monday, January 17, 2011

Walter Franco-Ou Não

I think today will be one of those in which all the postings will be drawn from the NWW list, since I started that last night with the Hampton Grease Band post and I figure if I'm ever going to post one album by every band on that list, then I should probably get going. I know there's some serious garbage on that list, but here's one that even people who despise Stapleton's taste will most likely enjoy. Franco's later work is much less experimental and is more in the standard tropicalia mode. It's fine and all, but I prefer this much more. I can't really find much about him on line that isn't in Portuguese, and that is one language I never learned, so you might as well make up some clever tale to tell yourself.



  1. Holly, did I ever tell you that my cat (little Jerry Orbach) looks just like the cat in your photo only she's thinner? And definitely more evil.

    And glad you liked the disc.

  2. Well, Lunchbox's original name was Captain Handsome - and he is exceptional good looking - but when I took the sweet guy in as a foster, Lunchbox seemed more apropos. Can you believe he shaved off 5 lbs under my care?
    He now lives on a lovely farm.

    My own 3 forever cats are much smaller, and MUCH more evil ;-) If they ever find out I'm using LB as my avatar, I'm dead meat.

    Ironically, LB was deserted by a Peace Corp volunteer. Who ended up not serving. A pox on her!

  3. Not surprised. The do-gooders always seem to be the ones that are the most self interested.