Thursday, January 6, 2011

Philip K. Dick-Ubik

Right up front, this is not my favorite work by Dick (please refrain from the juvenile jokes at this point). That would be the The Man in the High Castle. But I guess that's also an obvious choice and I won't will your hearts over with that selection. I will say that the idea of an audio book was petulant to me until I got much older. Now, on the long cross country, drives (with my cat, in typical loser/loner fashion) I find audio books and talk radio much more appealing that anything else. Perhaps it's the desolation of driving through the barren Mid-West landscape pared with the oppressive isolation I just typically feel, which makes the sound of another human's voice (in talk, not singing, form) all that more appealing. Definitely I sign that I am old. Really, does anybody but an old person listen to things like this? So yeah, Philip K. Dick. I guess you already know about him. He wrote this.



  1. Strangely enough I ended up back here after reading about Synanon - what a weird bunch:,9171,919202,00.html

    which led to A Scanner Darkly and Richard Linklater who supposedly wanted to film Ubik instead of ASD.

    I haven't started hitting the audio books yet. Maybe I'm not quite as old as you. I still prefer to use my eyes. Not whilst driving though!

  2. For reading that is. I haven't quite mastered blindfolded vehiculation yet.

  3. Thanks.

    The oppressive isolation is ubiquitous ...

  4. That does seem to be the case these days.