Monday, January 31, 2011

Animus: Hallucinations: Ideals Surroundging Water, Sand and Clouds of Dust

Sitting in my office now trying to figure out how some big brain got the idea that a crying baby is what the English department needs to have around. Fuck, as if things aren't stressful enough. I mean, I'm applying to jobs in fucking China since there doesn't seem to be many things of interest stateside. So I do a lot of weird things in my attempt to forget about employment and whatnot. Like cutting my hair (yes, I actually do it myself and it's not because I'm cheap or anything, I just don't trust other people to do it). So my electrocuted troll doll blow out is now gone. I even trimmed the beard too. And now I'm back to looking like a young Steve McQueen (I've never actually seen what he looked like when he was young since he always seemed to be perma-old). And listening to this album is also a brain soother. Many of you will probably disagree with me on this point, but I can put this on and just drift away. Even metal haters might find something of interest here since it is a pretty eclectic mix that avoids all the cliched genre conventions. So give it a listen. It beats punching inanimate objects till it looks like you scowered your knuckles with a brillo pad.


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