Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steve Spacek-Space Shift

I doubt there's many black readers of this blog, but maybe some of those kids I spent New Year's Eve with on the rooftop of a building drinking a $400 bottle of champagne might stumble upon this post and find something that they would like but probably won't ever hear. And I would never claim to be into contemporary soul music. In fact, my interests in this genre mostly died in the mid-70s or so. But this album is one of those things that really makes me optimistic. Spacek is not following trends or trying to cash in on some ass shaking, empty headed, party shit. Instead there's the intelligence and awareness of classic soul tropes, mixed with some pretty forward sounding spacescapes. I don;t know a fucking thing about this guy, expect for the fact that if soul sounded more like this I might actually feel like I have one.

And white kids, you can download this too. Just don't do that shit that seems to be the trend now. By that I'm referring to all the year end lists by lame-o hipsters that are 9 shitty rock albums and 1 rap/hip hop/soul album that seems to be something you stumbled across as you scanned the radio. Guess what fuckhead, no one is going to call you out as a racist (thought you probably are) because no one really gives a shit about you. So drop the pretense. Saying Kayne West's album was in your top ten doesn't make you any less stupid.



  1. motherfucker, do you read my mind? we may be best friends. go listen to whats on my blogspot, it's like watching feel like trash until you understand it, and then the entertainment level increases exponentially.

  2. In for a penny, in for a pound... though I don't think I will ever make a soulboy. Thanks for the permission to dl ; )

    Never heard Kanye West. I guess I don't listen to the radio enough. I've read about his ego though and it doesn't inspire me to give him a listen.

  3. (very white person pedant alert) I wouldn't really call this soul. Whatever. Enjoying 'Rapid Rate' as I type. Thanks!

  4. WD-I do read minds. And not just yours.
    M-Avoid Kanye...he's rubbish.
    H-I'm not sure what to class this as either. I just like it.

    And that takes care of the comments.

  5. Came across this blog looking for David Crosby. Nobody ever seems to mention The Residents, so it was a nice surprise to see you have done a piece about them. Thanks

  6. Glad you found a few things that you enjoy. There's a link in my blogroll of a website devoted exclusively to the Residents. You might want to check it out. Lots of obscurities to be found.