Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brother can you Spare an MP3 of the B-Side of an Impossibly Rare 7"?-Allen Pound's Get Rich

So I don't think I've asked for any requests from readers yet, but this has become a pain in the ass. I can't seem to find the b-side to this voracious, cavemen neckbreaker. It's called "Hey You" and it's not nearly as good as this cut, but I was it because I'm a completest bastard and get obsessive over pointless things (like girls, pizza, my cat). If you haven't hear this song, then it is a mandatory download. I cannot believe that this single came out in 1966. It's heavy even by today's standards. And I can't find a fucking thing about Mr. Pound or his schemes on getting rich. Perhaps he was some money grubbing capitalist trying to do some exploito-psych-cash0in. But I have a hard time believing that. So cough up the goods and send me the other track. I promise I'll love you forever.



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3CAXVsZnc

    hey jerry,i found this at youtube

  2. Thanks. I saw that too. I'm still looking for a high quality rip. Searchin', searchin', searchin'...

  3. Best I could do on short notice ....


  4. Used Searching in T611 of RFW. Very tasty - thanks Jerry!

  5. Holly--Thank you much.

    RFW--Glad you enjoyed the track.