Monday, January 31, 2011

17 Pygmies-Jedda by the Sea

This might not be the right album cover since what I have looks nothing like this, but this is the one google images search keeps coming up with. So I guess I am to assume that this is the original cover and not a reissue or some weird foreign pressing. For some reason, I want to say that this has people from Savage Republic in it. But my mind has a strange way of remembering things (or creating false memories) so that might not be true. Not trying to lie to you or anything. It's just a really nice 80s album that I figure people will enjoy. It has moments of pretty arrangements, Young Marble Giants-eque minimal pop, dark synthy robo-porn soundtracks, tribal 80s psych, ethno-forgeries, etc. Lots of sounds abound here. Yet, it has a consistency that makes it avoid the genre-blender crapper that a lot of ambitious, yet lacking, bands inevitably fall into.

Update: Just got an e-mail from Jack of 17 Pygmies & Savage Republic (as well as several other new projects). This guy has tons of great albums available, so I suggest you check it out.



  1. I like this a lot, having fun exploring other of their works. Thank you!

    Tangentially, I've always wondered why Simon Reynolds is so dismissive of Savage Republic & related bands.

  2. I never got that either. I'll be posting something from them in the future. I think they were amazing and still so rarely discussed.