Monday, January 17, 2011

Igor Wahkevitch-Docteur Faust

I am aware this has appeared on a million of other blogs that I frequent, but that doesn't mean that there might be a reader who slept on this. I was just thinking about the last post on Terry Riley and I remember that these two worked together so I thought I'd post them as a pair. Not nearly as ethereal as Riley, Wahkevitch seems to head more into the intergalactic spaceways that early Pink Floyd used to trawl. There's an essential box set that collects most of his material (I think it omits his collaboration with Salvidor Dali, but I can post that if you want) and I highly urge that you seek it out. And what a brilliant cover.



  1. This is some good shit! Yeah, I think the box set was put out by Donc. You can find it on the black market for thousands of dollars!!

    Great work and great blog.

    PS - I read your writings!!!

  2. Hey Sam. Glad you read the posts. I hope things aren't confusing because I have a friend in town named Sam, so sometimes i might be referring to him. I just didn't want you to think that I was trying to write to you in a familiar tone, seeing as how we haven't met. And thanks.

  3. If anyone needs that fabo box set:

    Many thanks to Evan!

  4. Nice link. Swanfungus does rule. And he's even more bitter than I am. Maybe that's why he gets the big bucks and adoring females.