Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Violeta Parra-Una Chilena en Paris

Recently I've noticed that several new followers and commenters happen to be ladies. Okay, I'm not Hemmingway or anything, but I figured my tone wouldn't really go down well with the fairer sex. At least, in person it hasn't been all that successful. So in honor of all the new females perusing CS, I here by declare today to be Ladies Day. First up is a record I hold quite dear. Unfortunately, when I play it for friends they say it sounds like we're in a Mexican restaurant, which just proves how ignorant these dirtbags are, as Parra is from Chile (as the title states). Anyways, this is much more folky and, well, Chilean than the dolts I associate with can identify. Start with Paloma Ausente and tell me this isn't brilliant.


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