Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been informed that there's several readers from my home state of Illinois. For those goons, here's another album from the Land of Lincoln since I'm all nostalgic after having a long discussion with a stranger last night at a bar about Chicago. I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with the Poster Children. I like 'em just fine, though I think I'm a little biased heard them for so many years. But give me this side project instead please. Here' they drop the pop and go electro. But in that krautish way. Kinda like Can et. al. You can buy this for less than a buck, or you can grab it for free, you cheapskate.



  1. glad to hear that. i wasn't sure if anyone would.

  2. Odd, that there's a least a few of you who do. I thought most people would sleep on this one.