Sunday, September 19, 2010

Journey to Ixtlan

Is it weird that it's a beautiful, cool night, I'm drinking a cold beer, and yet, I'm sitting here sweating my ass off? Dunno how that happens, but that feeling is reminding me of all those years getting my mind melted in the New Mexican desert. Had it existed when I lived out there, it probably would have been the perfect soundtrack. Like that last Conifer post, this one does a little genre bustin'. Metal, psych, New Age (?) and so many more sounds get the old blender toss and comes out not sucking. Huh, looking at this and the last post I'm starting to fear that this is look like an Aquarius list. Albeit one with much shittier write ups. Well, I aim to disappoint.



  1. i kind of have a soft spot for this album, too. got hold of it last year during a short-lived aurora borealis label obsession.

    don't worry, you're not at any risk of looking like an aquarius list. not unless you are wont to start saying dooooooooooooooooom or ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE ALERT! or some such.

  2. hah. actually, i really wish i could describe records as well as they can.