Sunday, September 19, 2010

High Tide-Sea Shanties

Hmm...seems like lately I've been living my life by a pretty strange maxim: if it seems stupid, I should probably do it, and if it seems reasonable I'll soon find out that it was a stupid idea. And not posting this earlier is an egregious blunder. Looking through my mediafire account I realized that this was uploaded many months ago. Yet it took this long to finally post it. What a mistake, as this is something everyone should definitely have. When people want to argue the best psych record argument, club them over the head with this and they will certainly shut their ugly faces. Simon House (Hawkwind) and Tony Hill (the Misunderstood) do some serious mind bending with their respective violin/guitar mastery. God, thinking back on how awesome this is I'm feeling even dumber than when I started this write up.



  1. Cor this is very heavy. Relentlessly so. It has a definite British underground feel to it I think. I feel dumber for not knowing about this til now, especially as I've always loved the Hawkwind violin and distorted Misunderstood sound.

  2. Pretty much anything Tony Hill plays on is worth owning. Such a great and under rated guitarist.