Thursday, September 9, 2010

Judas Priest-Hell Bent for Leather

If the dreamer undertakes the process of tanning leather then it is likely that he will soon embark on a journey to an exotic locale. This journey will prove pivotal in the professional life of the dreamer as an offer likely will be tendered that may or may not lead to great financial gains. If the dreamer is wearing leather he may soon make unexpected lifestyle changes. He may question his sexual orientation, grow a horrendous goatee, or appear in a commercial for a cellular phone. One thing is certain about these dreams, they never portend any sexual advancements from females.



  1. Watching a grown man whipping his motorbike on stage has to be one of the most ridiculous spectacles in the history of rock. Hilarious.

  2. Yeah, forgot about that. More bands need to play up the theatrics. Especially the laughable theatrics.

  3. Absolutely. It sets them apart from the dross or at the very least it takes your mind off the drivel they might be playing.