Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blossom Toes-If Only for a Moment

Their first album, precociously title "We are Ever so Clean," is a goodun. I know Bob Pollard likes it. You probably like it too. But this is the one I choose. Not nearly as poppy as their opening salvo. Instead, Brian Godding & crew get almost Beefheartian on the opening track "Peace Loving Man." Not really my favorite title, but still a pretty fantastic song. In a time where most of the music I hear is this bullshit commercial (I mean on tv, not mainstream commercial) music that all seems to be song by the same woman--the one with that thin, reedy voice that makes the skin crawl--sometimes I just have to blast this and clean my brain.



  1. nice job on the latest batch of goodies, J.O.

    regarding the blossom toes, i've been busy lately re-obsessing over a longtime favorite toes track, 'the remarkable saga of the frozen dog," from the first album, so i'm pretty darn curious about this near-beefheartian track of which you speak.

  2. "Billy Boo the Gunman" = awesome song title, wonderful cowbell, totally rad guitar riff.

  3. luv this blog, luv that all the links are mediafire, keep up the great work, muchias gracias

  4. This is weird. I'm not used to so many comments. Thank you all for reading.