Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creep Scanner Under Lockdown

Well, it seems that mediafire has locked me out. So I contacted them and am waiting to see if they will eventually unlock my files. I'm guessing the will not. If my account remains in limbo then I suppose I'll just start up a new one. Oddly enough, it might still be a mediafire account since it's the service I prefer. Are there any suggestions that might be better?

And too make things seem a little less dire, I've decided to transcribe a bit of dialogue I had with two very drunk girls last night. To set the scene, I was at my local, by myself (natch), enjoying a beer and trying to draw the least amount of attention to myself:

Girl 1: "Hey, do you want to get busy?" (She seriously said this as her opening line)
Me: "Huh?" (with bemused/repulsed look on my face)
Girl 1: "Well, my friend and I think you're cute" (clearly a lie)
Girl 2: "Has anyone ever told you you look like Jude Law?"
Me: "Yes." (True: I've heard this one pretty often (always from drunk girls)).
Girl 1: "Yeah, you have glasses and a leather jacket."
Girl 2" "Wait does Jude Law wear a leather jacket?"
Me: "I assume he has at some point."
Girl 1 & 2: "Oh."

Inane conversation continues until I finish smoking my cigarette and I flee their stupidity. So that ends the story about how a turned down a threesome with some very idiotic girls.

It might be some time before I'm back in the game, so if you're someone who might be curious about what I'll be doing I've provided a list:

1.) Bird watching
2.) Walking
3.) Train watching
4.) Buying antiques
5.) Drinking
6.) Reading
7.) Grading Papers
8.) Sleeping
9.) Practicing yo yo tricks
10.) Playing with my cat

I think that documents the fascinating life I currently lead. But being an adult in a town with no friends leaves little room for exciting adventures. So don't worry if this blog is suspended for a while. You're not missing out on much.

Til then,


  1. I just had to Google image Jude Law (yes, I live under a rock). He's quite attractive when he's not bemused or smirking!

    My cats suggest that activity #10 should trump activity #4, at least. They heartily approve of activity #1.

  2. Oh yeah - Mediafire or the hip hop alternative, Hulkshare. And MirrorCreator.

  3. Oh don't deny it, Jer, it only makes you cuter. Enjoy your sabbatical. Can't wait to see your new syllabus.

  4. Shit, that really sucks. There was a lot of stuff you've posted over the years that I had yet to hear.

    Mediafire is definitely the best service in my experience, but you might want to consider checking out They upload your stuff to multiple hosting sites, which can include MF.

    Hope things work out.

  5. Well, well, according to your list you actually have a life beyond the internet. There's a novelty in this day and age. And hey, I wear glasses. Maybe I look like Jude Law too, although I haven't worn leather for nearly 30 years. Perhaps Eric Morecambe would be a more accurate description, in the days when he had hair! On reflection I think you are more likely to generate meaningful relationships (and probably conversation) with your feathered friends. Do you keep an annual list or is it a less competitive style that you adopt?

    No idea which service would work best in these uncertain times but mediafire is certainly still the easiest for the downloader. I can't imagine that will last as they are obviously getting very twitchy.

    I should have taken the opportunity to listen to a few more of your more obscure posts too but hey ho. Someone else will probably be hosting them instead. Or I guess those artists/labels won't be getting my money for their products without the ability to review their material. That's what's so stupid. The genie is out of the bottle and if people really want something it's not exactly hard to do a search from your armchair. Enough already with the phoney clampdown.

  6. Funny how many music bloggers work in education - myself included.
    Light relief?

    [Whispered, coz the missus might hear]
    In very dim lighting, I think I could be taken for looking a lttle like Jude law; so if you do happen to come across the two females again, send 'em my way.
    I'll keep a box of candles ready.

    And with that piece of blatant misogyny, I wish you well, and hope to see you busy in the 'sphere soon.
    Regards, roy

  7. Gah. Seriously. I was planning to download a bunch of stuff from here at some point...

    this a foog vlog. anuyehow. carry on.

  8. "this is a good blog anyhow. carry on."

  9. Well, now i'm uploading files in the 'i have no account' cyberspace. I don't think they'll give us back our files. Still, drinking sounds good, i'll give it a try too.

  10. Yikes! Mediafire begins to strike. I wonder if I'm next on the chopping block.

    Good luck buddy.

  11. Just want to say thanks for all the great uploads over the last few years. You have a really great spot here..hope you get things up and running again.