Wednesday, February 29, 2012

John Cage with David Tudor-Present Variations IV

By now, I surely doubt that there is anyone who requires an explanation as to who John Cage is. And I'm not gonna give it. If any soul actually needs me to explain this man's work then they should probably hop into his steam punk, time traveling submarine and go back to when new music started. While you're jaunting around you might as well familiarize yourself with, oh say, Shakespeare. Perhaps Rembrandt as well. And what the shit is with these steam punks anyways? It reminds of a sphynxian riddle "are steam punks ugly because they are steam punks or are steam punks steam punks because they are ugly?" No joke, I have never seen any fool all done up in this nonsense that didn't deserve even more ridicule that s/he received. I'm holding off on all trends until nuclear Phoenicians starts happening. Then I'll be all over that shit.


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