Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creeps in Service-Creep Scanner Mix #1

This has been sitting in cold storage for some time and seeing as how all of my links are now dead, I figure I might as well start fresh with this one. I do not claim to be some sort of mix master so rather than compiling all these choice for you sluts I opted to take a thematic approach. Theme #1: Creeps. Don't worry, there's no Radiohead here (way too obvious). Instead, I poached tracks about creeps, creepers, and people creeping. If I was a smarter man I'd make some nice cover art and doing it up proper but I'm a simpleton so instead you get some Victorian children. And children always seemed like little creeps anyways. Let me know if the mix goes down well. I already have ten or so made but if this one sucks I guess there wouldn't be much point of posting them.


1 comment:

  1. Really enjoyed this on my long ass commute and would happily receive any other mixes you've made.