Friday, October 8, 2010

Pretty Things-S.F Sorrow

Also while in Cleveland, I finally did venture into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. S'okay. I mean, I know they aren't going to have many relics from bands that I actually give a fuck about (though items from Joy Division, Todd Rundgren, and the Cramps were pretty cool). But does everyone really want to see Art Garfunkel's cock ring? And does there really need to be more Beatles shit (I spotted 5 people actually wearing Beatles shirt)? I dunno, this seems like the type of band that should be representing rock & roll. It's debatable, but this is the first concept album in many regards. Typically, that means little to me since I can read books, but it also happens that this album destroys. Seminal, and utterly essential psych rock.



  1. Brilliant record. I recently bought the Phillippe De Barge lp which is almost as good. Cost me an arm and a leg though.

    Art Garfunkel's cock ring! Are you serious? That is so so wrong. Those poor Watership Down bunnies will be spinning in their graves.

  2. I dunno, he was pretty kinky in Carnal Knowledge.

    And yes, Phillippe De Barge is a solid disc. Maybe I should post that at some time.

  3. Oh I'd rather not know ha ha.

  4. Todd Rundgren.....really.....I'm not up on that

  5. Oh man, a Wizard, a True Star is a really fucked record. And I like the Nazz too. He's got plenty of junk too, but the early albums are all worth owning.