Friday, October 8, 2010

Screamin' Jay Hawkins-Frenzy

On my recent trip to Cleveland, I was amazed to find a cool bar in a city that wasn't packed with smug hipsters. Well, maybe that's how Cleveland hipsters look. I dunno..they didn't have a million tattoos, sporty glasses, tight pants, etc. But the bar mostly played classic soul music. And deep album cuts, mind you, not just the hits. And that reminded me of Hawkins' track "Hong Kong." Definitely not the most racially sensitive cut, the song nevertheless has a guitar tone that'll sear your ears shut. It sounds, oh about, 30 years ahead of its time. The rest is good too. But it's worth it for that song alone. Thank you Jeff Weston for turning me on to this guy back in junior high. I wonder what the fuck you're doing now.

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  1. Well it was Prosperity in Tremont. I dunno.. I liked the place. Maybe that's not how it typically is, but the night I was there it was pretty great. And hail Clevo.

  2. have been checking out your page and no offense but you clearly are a hipster. also judging by some the bands you've posted and reviews you've written, you're either holding back alot or you just think you're a music elitist, which hipsters think they are. but don't feel bad, i must say you have one of the better music blogs out there.