Saturday, October 30, 2010

H.P. Lovecraft-The Dark Worlds of: Volume One

Here's a scary story for you all. Last night, whilst at the bar a ridiculous girl approached me and told me how great my costume was. To her surprise I wasn't even wearing a costume. Yet she thought I was dressed as Justin Timberlake. But before you form some mental image of me I should say: 1.) I am much older that J.T. 2.) I have glasses and facial hair. 3.) I, in no way, resemble Justin Timberlake. Somebody must have been boozing it up a little too much. But it did make me think that maybe I do look out of sorts. I mean, I do currently reside in West Virginia and it definitely isn't the hippest place on the planet. So now to the disc. Lovecraft is certainly well loved by metal heads and horror enthusiasts. I'll admit that I'm a late comer to his work, but find this series very relaxing. Last fall I would go on 20-30 mile walks and just listen to these tales. And it was oddly comforting. So this is atypical for me to post things of this nature, but I figure who better to listen to come Halloween than this guy. Don't blame me if you pee your pants though.


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