Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Action-Rolled Gold

Just behold those fantastic mod haircuts. Now I know while Phil Collins loves them so much. Good thing the Action were about more than hair and posturing. They actually brought the musical goods. Not really psych (though some people what to label them as such) and not entirely mod pop either, the Action seemed to provide the blue print that Bob Pollard found within some old record sleeve. Eventually, these guys made the unfortunate decision to become hippies. And despite losing their cool dos, they did become Mighty Baby and went on to melt many psychedelic minds.



  1. Great post - apparently Reg King the lead singer passed away recently

  2. Sad news. It's troubling that so many greats fall to the wayside and yet the popular figures still thrive in a very mundane capacity. To the point, when will Sting die? Barring Dune that fucknut hasn't contributed anything decent in his entire life.

    1. What are you so angry about? What did Sting ever do to you?

  3. Since when is Sting alive?

  4. Well, that bald motherfucker still seems to linger on in some state. Grant it, he's been irrelevant to me since the beginning, yet he's able to dupe people into thinking he's still vital. I guess you can chalk it up to good pr and an idiot fan base.

  5. bassist mike evans died earlier this year, too. rolled gold took a bit longer to "stick" with me than say, "shadows and reflections," but there are some great songs. i always loved "climbing up the wall." and that voice--reg king had such a gorgeous, soulful voice.

  6. Wow, what a shitty year for the Action.