Thursday, October 28, 2010

Josefus-Dead Man

Yesterday I saw something that was utterly grotesque. Whilst walking home after teaching, a couple nearly ran me over on the side walk. They were on a jogging date. Who does such things? Who decides to get suited up in horrible nylon clothes and then run for no reason? And how is this activity enhanced with a partner? If you're with someone and you're sweating that much, you should probably be doing something more enjoyable than running. Ugh...the horror. And speaking of, Josefus has a scary cover, but they are going to terrify you or anything. And kids like skulls these days. Just check the popularity of all that Ed Hardy paraphernalia. I even see moms walking around with skulls on their shirts. So maybe this isn't as Halloween related as I'd like it to be. Well, you can always blast Dead Man and scare off a few kiddies.


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