Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ahora Mazda

Since you can't get drunk and listen to Abba every night I figure I should just get back to the albums. Believe it or not, there is a sort of a format here. And since all the clip I posted are all songs you've heard a million times, I figure I should dig a little deeper with this post. These guys played along with previously posted bands like Shocking Blue and Group 1850, but never really achieved much success. I've read that they were briefly courted by e.s.p.-disk, but unfortunately, nothing was to come of it. And really, I think this would have fit nicely in that stable. There's certainly an interest in free jazz, but they add more global sounds and psych moves. Making one hell of a out there classic in the process.



  1. I cannot decide if I really like this or really don't like this. Thank you for sharing, regardless!

    plus - crazy flute guy
    minus - vox