Friday, July 16, 2010

Remko Scha-Machine Guitars

Taking the human element out of things typically leads to improvements, as you no longer have to spend time dealing with more idiots than necessary. If only life could be lived through vending machines and weird interconnected pneumatic tubes, then I would be a happy man. Not sure if that's how Scha feels, but there has to be some misanthropic sensibilities at play. The idea is pretty simple but the execution seems pretty difficult. Scha basically constructed a bunch of robots that would then play his guitar compositions. So if your a robot lover like myself (and where are those German sexbots I heard rumors about) this is something worth a listen. On a weird side note, I once had a dream about hanging out with this guy. Even though I have never seen him and his name was never mentioned, I somehow knew it was him. Ugh...even my dreams are starting to get dull.


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