Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Dodds-Talking and Drum Solos

I have a weird relationship with drums. They are definitely fun to play, even though I am one of the worst drummers ever. Of course they are necessary (but keep the cymbals in check people), but to listen to tracks of solo drums just didn't sound that exciting at first. Sure, I love albums by Han Bennink, Milford Graves, Sunny Murray, etc, but those aren't things I can listen to all that often. Dodds, however, is able to maintain my interest. I'm not going to air drum along with this or anything (no one should ever air drum to anything (Alex)), but it's still a worthwhile listen if only as an academic exercise. There are some brass band workouts that vary the tone, so don't be afraid. Oh, it should also be mentioned that Dodds is most famous for being the inventor of the kick drum.