Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jerry Goldsmith-Logan's Run OST

Anyone else sick of all the bullshit remakes? I heard this is another one that Hollywood plans on ruining soon. I was just reading the history of the remake and apparently this has been planned as far back as the mid 90s. I'm sure that's not a good sign. It'll probably have some bullshit Daft Punk-like garbage that could never replicate what Goldsmith achieved here. Awesome electronic nightmares that robots jerk off to meshed with more heavy symphonic works. This dude was one of the best soundtrackers (is that a word?) ever.


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  1. It's just me, trolling around your website in the early AM...I got a laugh out of your commentary re: Hollywood's Lame Assed remakes of classics and near-classics.

    When I was but a young lad, in the 70s, what I saw on the big screen was like magic: Logan's Run, Jaws, Planet of the Apes, etc. Yeah, I'm aware that some of those films were also remakes (such as King Kong) but in general, remakes were few and far between with several decades between them.

    But here's the kicker: when remakes were issued, they were almost certainly as good or better than the original. Money was tighter then so the producers were answerable to the studios. The result was that far less lame crap was churned out then compared to now, which is the rule rather than the exception.

    All things being equal in the budget, you could rest assured that the latest films had the best of technology going for them such as lighting, prosthetics and make-up, cameras and color film, etc.

    Today, why izzit that virtually everything Hollywood puts out is utter crap, and that includes their insane revamping of some great films?

    And what's unfathomable is that today, Hollywood has all of the advantages again, new digital cameras, CGI effects, even better make-up and prosthetics, etc. Except that today's business model has changed, resulting in Hollywood dumbing down the scripts and the product in general so that the dimmest 13-year olds can understand the story. Also add generous additional minutes of film footage of the following: Devil-may-care gun play, titties, screeching car crashes, or all three.

    And, a drama or action film can NEVER be just a drama or action film. It's gotta have the chick element, a leading lady. Cuz you know that in between fights, Sylvester is mumbling sweet nothings to his leading lady by way of 2-way radio. Or when Bruce Willis is all done playing hero he's gotta grab his lady up in his arms for the film-ending lip-lock, doncha know?

    Sheeeeit, John Wayne didn't go in for that sissy stuff. Do you think Bruce Lee was thinking of getting laid after he was finished killing Chuck Norris? No Way!

    For Bruce Lee, ripping out Chuck Norris' chesticle hair was probably even better than sex. What do you do for an encore? Break Chuck's neck, that's what!

    That's back when Men were Men and Sheep were Scared!

    Now I heard last year that Hollywood is planning to desecrate Bullitt and the Cincinatti Kid just as soon as they get their shit together.

    What's next, maybe savage Dog Day Afternoon? Or Perhaps another crap Mel Gibson morality tale? It's the Holiday Season, time to roll out more inane "romantic comedies."

    I got a romantic comedy for you! Last time I was with a woman, she started to get undressed. She told me she was the wild type, so I kept the lights on. I started getting undressed and she starts giggling. Then, the giggle turned into full-blown belly laughs by the time I was naked.

    After about 15 minutes, by the time she'd calmed down from laughing, and her stomach hurt from laughing so much, she said she wasn't in the mood, anymore. She told me that seeing me naked cured her of wanting sex but the laughter also got her over her mini-depression.

    Glad I could help?

    She said, "It's really 'sweet' of you for being so understanding. I'll call you tonight, OK?"

    That was 6 months ago. I haven't seen or heard from her since then.

    Romantic comedy my ass! I was the romantic comedy.

    Dammit Hollywood, can you ruin anything other iconic symbols of my youth ya rotten bastards?

    Oh, just in case I didn't say it before, Nice Blog you got here!