Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roots of Madness-Girl in a Chair

Some time back I bought a massive stack of cdrs off of Roots of Madness leader Don Campau and at a couple of bucks a piece I felt like I robbed the guy. Out of that stack it's hard to cull just one album, but I suppose this is their most known work (which means maybe a like a thousand people) so why not go with it? They're a hard band to describe. Circa 1971 there were maybe a handful of bands that this would probably be on the same planet with. Red Krayola & Nihilist Spasm band may be the first few to come to mind. So it's weird to say the least. There's folky strum ups, poetry, piano composition, even the dreaded harmonica makes an appearance (why?). This was reissued a few years back, but it never really seemed to get the attention it deserves. Don't sleep on it again. Don't you want to hear a song called "The Old Man's Ass?"



  1. not quite what i expected from the sample on the De Stijl site. but an interesting document...

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot that they reissued this.