Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Only Ones-Special View

No joke, one time I was in some bullshit clothing store and I heard a horrendous reggaefied version of "Another Girl, Another Planet." was just unbelievably bad. Imagine, one of the best odes to heroin used to hawk overpriced phony retro clothes (I wasn't in there for my own clothes). What are these people thinking? Why fuck with such a classic? Well, here's your chance to listen to the original in all of its awesomeness. And just in time for the Belmont too.



  1. I was confused until I realized this is a collection. I hadn't moved on from their Self-Titled album, which I love every song on. Great band! Everyone I play "Another Girl, Another Planet" for instantly falls in love. I'm crazy about "The Beast" and a song that isn't on this collection "Language Problem"

    just discovered your blog last night, btw. enjoying checking stuff out. Tons of stuff I hadn't seen before or don't know what it is yet.

  2. Definitely track down Even Serpents Shine. I might like it even more than their first. It's almost kinda Springsteenish.