Monday, June 28, 2010

Herbie Hancock-Sextant

You know I'd never lie to you darling. So you just have to believe me when I tell you how essential this album is. You just gotta believe me. I don't know what I would do if you didn't. And I promise, from now on I won't nag you when you're out late with the boys. And I won't talk on the phone with Jenny for hours. I won't even ask you to come to mother's with me any more since I know you never liked her cooking all that much. Just, please, say that you believe me. Please.

Update. I'm not sure who complained about this post, but for some reason it was taken down. I assume it's because someone has a problem with the link. That's fine. There was no notice or e-mail or anything however. If this was a case of someone complaining for some other reason, then s/he may go fuck his/her self with a broken bottle. If you don't like what I write/post then fuck off. I made this shit heap for my friends and I'm not looking to make any new ones.

Oh, and if this was because someone had an issue with downloading, the rest assured fuck-o, 3 people downloaded it so far. You're not losing millions.

2nd update. Even though the link was removed some asshead still pulled this post. Hey, fucker there's nothing here anymore. Stop fucking with my site and go back to sticking that plunger in your ass. Is it that you can't stand that I have the cover posted? I don't know what the concern is anymore.

Link removed