Friday, June 18, 2010

The Court & Spark-Ventura Whites

I'm not sure if this was all this band released. In I know very little about them at all. I believe they were from San Franciso. I also think this was a self released cassette that was later reissued by tUMULt. Aside from that, I don't know shit about this band, barring that they create some really soul stirring, emotive, country rock. I doubt you'll be grinning after this, but you will at least feel just slightly more human. Which means something in times like this. Right, Mr. Android? Bonus points for name borrowed from Joni Mitchell.



  1. i thought you would like this one

  2. Really great

  3. huh, i didn't realize they released so much music.

  4. not only do they have tons of great albums
    but the singer has a newer band called Hiss Golden Messenger that you should also check out !