Friday, June 18, 2010

Dry-Rot-Permission 7", This is a Forest 7", Permission 7"

The first three releases by a band who continues to impress. I think these are now compiled on one handy cd for those of you who were sleeping when the original vinyl was released. And buddy, you missed out. Permission has some pretty raging, yet novel sounding, hardcore jams. Flip it over and find that they can get all Sonic Youth distorto pop too. Then we've got This is a Forest. I think one of their dad's plays sax on this, and it's about as weird as that sounds. The shit is almost Pink Floyd territory here. Permission brings back the aggression, but now it's cribbed in some concept about cults and people getting buried in a backyard or something. I think they have one full album (Philestine--also good; find it elsewhere). And to think I had given up on punk so many years back. What was the hell was I thinking?


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