Monday, June 21, 2010

Radiance-I-III 12"

Aaron tells me I need to post some electronic music. So this one is for him. Aaron also tells me that I should write more about my moronic neighbors. They're been keeping things under wraps lately, but there was one story that was unusual. Their little cry baby son (he never stops crying) always wants to talk to me. I try to indulge him for a while, but I just don't like the kid. Anyways, one day he made this weird chalk drawing for me and told me it was my mail truck. A mail truck of my dreams. I still can't figure out whether he meant that I aspire to own such a truck, or that if he was able to telepathically enter my dreams (like Alex) and saw this mail truck, or that it is an omen and I shall dream of this truck eventually. But he was pretty committed to this subject and he still likes to mention it even though the rain has washed it away long ago. If I do dream of this mail truck I'm sure this will soundtrack my deliveries.


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