Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Smashchords-S/T 12"

This is one of those albums that you read about and then just can't find, but you always wonder what it's going to sound like. I remember reading about this in Forced Exposure a long time ago, but never met anyone who had even heard of them. Basically, it's a two piece. But unlike the trendy bass/drum combo, this is just 2 guitars. There's no vocals. There's no drums, but this is still a mighty racket. It's 28 years old, but sounds like it could have been recorded recently. Well, maybe not since people don't try things this adventurous anymore.



  1. Excellent 12" love it....thanks for the rip. Your blog is amazing! So many things I know and so many I haven't a clue about!

  2. Thanks. I thought more people would be into this one. I guess it's still kind of a sleeper.