Friday, November 20, 2009

Kenneth Higney-Attic Demonstration

I probably shouldn't slag on an entire state, especially since so many of my students are from there, but man I do not like New Jersey. I've been told that there's actually pretty parts (where?). All I've seen is nasty urban wastelands and muscly dudes with terrible haircuts. Fine, shore core was alright, and who doesn't like the Misfits? But this is my pick for Jersey's finest. Higney was a trucker who recorded these demos with the hopes of getting some record deal. But there's no way anyone would touch this mutant. These songs are demented, atonal, yet rocking, glimpses into a mind that has been on the road so long that he's convinced himself that he can actually be a rock star. And since I'm generalizing about states anyhow--Fuck you Texas.

Just been contacted by Nick at One Kind Favor. He's working up a reissue of this great album. Support him here:



  1. I'm gearing up to do an official reissue of this on LP. Initially it was going to be on Feeding Tube Records, but now it's going to be on my new label One Kind Favor. Maybe you'd consider supporting my Kickstarter page: