Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kathy McGinty

Despite the fact that this is a prank call cd, and it's hilarious, it can also be quite sad. The whole premise of Kathy McGinty is a dude, a girl, and a sampled woman's voice, who talks to lonely guys on sex chats. As you would expect, this is trashy, crude, and tons of laughs. But I feel for these lonely guys. I'm amazed just how powerful horniness can be when it comes to willfully ignoring the absurd just for a yank.



  1. This is pretty fun. Have you ever heard of Longmont Potion Castle? If not, check it out - you can start with a 90 minute collection I made and then find the 8 volumes floating around pretty easily.

  2. Yeah, LPC are (is? it's one guy, right?) hilarious. I've got all the stuff, but I like this handy compendium. Thanks.