Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hatebeak-2 Split 7"s

Birds make pretty terrible pets. I've had two and they were both lousy little shits. So the idea of a death metal band fronted by a Congo African Grey parrot didn't initially sound all that appealing. Yet Waldo is some how able to tap into the true satanic misery birds often cause. Ugh, listening to this reminds me of all the lost hours of sleep caused by those stupid birds. So here's the first two split 7"s 2004's "Beak of Putrefaction" with Longmont Potion Castle and 2005's "Bird Seeds of Vengeance" with Caninus (fronted by pittbulls). This whole thing could come off as gimicky, yet it somehow works.



  1. This blog looks right up my street. Lots of musical taste crossover and lots of unheard records, a good combination for new musical discoveries. A nice diverse mix too. It must consume a great deal of time. Much appreciation to you.
    I'm quite fond of parrots myself, very intelligent creatures, if a little destructive. So I'm quite looking forward to hearing Hatebeak. The Caninus 7" I have always makes me smile.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about your avian affinities.