Monday, November 16, 2009

Dave E. & The Cool Marriage Counselors-7"

You should know by the retardo art that this is going to be pretty cracked. Dave E. was formerly the singer of the Electric Eels, who produced some of the most vitriolic proto-punk to spew out of the city so foul its river caught fire. And while everyone should check them out, this is a whole different affair. I think this was recorded in the 70s but I'm not sure when. I picked it up when it was finally released a few years back. It's full of toy xylophones, humming, annoying sounds, talking, etc. Fun for the whole family.



  1. Thanks a bunch for uploading this - I'm a massive Eels fan, and I've always wanted to hear this offering from Dave E! By the way, I'm pretty sure these recordings are no later than 1980, as I understand around that time, Dave E. McManus reconverted to the Catholicism of his use and renounced his entire recorded works! :p Certainly "Searching Through Sears" dates from aradio interview c.1980 and released on a flexi with an issue of CLE magazine in '81...

  2. Wow, who would forsake such classic material?

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