Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pete Cosey-Thank Your Motherfucking Ass

Hey thanks Viles,  It's nice to know that when a brother is down there's always someone there to kick him  in the dick with some info that he just doesn't want to hear.  Kidding aside, it wasn't until our dear fellow reader shared this news that I was aware of this guitar master's passing.  Typically, I'd avoid any sort of sentimental bullshit, but this dude was legit.  Shredding all over the place like a true motherfucker.  But always with some beatific refined cool that everyone else seemed to lack.  Extra points goes from being a Chicago fella too (and look at how rad he was in the above pic), but seriously, this guy laid down some essential sounds.  This will probably be one of the only write ups I do of dead people.  I actually cried like a baby when Alex Chilton died and didn't write shit.  Maybe that should clue you in to how important Pete was.


  1. Well, ummm, you make me laugh like the time my friend and I were riding our bikes down the neighborhood hill at 8 years of age and he missed the corner and ran into the big ol' mailbox there and lay all sprawled out n shit and I couldn't stop laughing, he's in pain broken collarbone and maybe some leg wound, it was so cinematic but not staged, real, yes pain but funny. I've gotten over the how could I laugh, that was 55 years ago
    Pete was a fucking badass, that picture you posted is a great Pete moment with Miles, check it out on youtube you uninitiated...
    as to Alex, bless you
    sorry about the commercial
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