Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reups are to leave me the fuck alone

Yes folks, the title reads correctly.  I am in the process of trying to repost links to all my dead posts.  It feels enough like a graveyard around here so I might as well try to add what people are actually here for (what, you mean you don't like hearing me complain about everything that can possibly be cpomplained about?).  This should amuse the people who pester me daily to repost things even though  I keep saying I am not going to.  But now that I got dumped (big surprise) I've got a lot of time on my hands.  Aside from riding my bike this blog and my cat are about the only things I'm taking any interest in at the moment.  So my loss is your gain.  I suppose that beats sending drunken come on text messages to my boss (yes, I did that too (serious moment of weakness )).  I've already had one of my new posts yanked so don't be an idiot and sit on things like they are somehow permanent.  Most likely, this account will be deleted and I'll have to start once again (hmm...apt metaphor for my life), but until it's finally time to open up my veins I might as well command this shit heap for a while longer.  Reposts will start from the newest dead links (February or January of 2011) and work their way backwards.  And don't be an impatient ass.  I know the album you actually wanted to hear was posted 2 years ago, but this shit takes time.  You should have grabbed it then.  And I'm also planning on slipping in some new posts too.  In the mean time, I wrote up a little thing on Wreck & Reference for this collective web zine thing I'm loosely affiliated with.  Can't say I understand that much of how it works, but it seems like they've got a decent attitude and clearly sophisticated taste demonstrated by them approaching me to write for them.  Check it out here:  I kinda like their little blurb about me too.


  1. ROFLOL.

    Welcome back. May the good dharma be with ya (and the Forces of Evil, too).

    "... but until it's finally time to open up my veins ..." A a a ... Don't. Relax yer chaffed tits, bruvva.


  2. Mediafire gave me the axe (over at Psychedelic Heroin). I feel your pain. what file host are you gonna go with?

  3. Still using mediafire. I lost it all at the beginning of the year, went back with them, still have problems. I feel like a battered spouse or something. I just don't like the way the others operate and I definitely think paying extra to have reasonable download times is shit. Who knows what's next with this.

  4. Good luck with the re-ups mate, i for one appreciate the effort...your site has some choice stuff, I've been chasing things like Fungus Brains' Ron Pisto's Real World for ages so would be great to grab em here ta.

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