Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sandy Bull-Inventions

What needs to be sed about this string bender that already hasn't? Not much I suppose. Lovers of Fahey, Basho, Takoma records, American Primitive all have reasons to celebrate Bull's catelogue. Being that I'm a man who indulges greatly in all the aforementioned subjects, far be it for me to say anything cross about this man's work. In fact, as much as I love all of those things, ole Sandy seems to hold a special place in my heart. Is it the arsenal of string instruments he poses with on the cover? Or those clean cut, Beach Boyish looks (that masked a nasty horse habit)? Dunno what it is. I suppose it's probably his ability to take anything notes can be made with and create sounds that seem more like an alien soundtrack or those amazing songs you hear in your dreams and wake up convinced they actually exist.


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