Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Telescopes-Precious Little

NO, No, no. There is no good reason to get into this argument about whether they ripped off Spacemen 3 or not. I don't care. We are all constantly ripping off people. I don't say that you wear jeans because some railway worker sported them some decades ago. Most likely you wear them because you say some idiot in a shitty band like Girls wear them (is that where your stupid hair cut and love of cults comes from?), but it doesn't matter. Lets drop this notion of "authenticity" and realize that we're all just a bunch of phonies pretending to be something better than we are (i.e. garbage covered in skin). So, I'm not going to hear complaints about this band. Everything they've done is gold to my ears. And in a hypocritical turn (check out the volta), young'uns stop playing this type of music. If you weren't at least a teenager when this stuff was coming out it's better to have your parents tell you about it. Unless you're going to get all Spirit-like and have a parent (or step-parent for that matter) in your band. Then you're cool.


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  1. THANK YOU! I love the Telescopes.