Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Max Roach-M'Boom

Return to Base (in transit)


Conflicts have surrounded this assignment. Namely, the mode of transportation. Yesterday, I flew from Kansas City back to base in Chicago. Today, I have flown from Chicago to Nashville to Austin to Houston and finally arrived in Los Angeles. There was a baby in the airport who I am pretty sure it must have been an op. Or at least a stress test. The continual cries reminded me of tier two training. Maybe it was sent by the agency or by other sources, but I can tell there was something off about the whole thing. Maybe the baby was bugged. Maybe the baby was the bug. I didn’t have time to consider the options and just stepped on it’s head. I didn’t see the wires but I am certain a full body profile scan will reveal abnormal activities. I have collected samples and await the results.


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