Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skald-Voices of Thula

The LA Report


I haven’t been here before. I never wanted to be here before. Now that I am here I enjoy it and feel conflicted. I feel instantly false. It is a true pleasure dome in some Coleridgean sense. Exotic trees, things that are that shouldn’t are. I feel like those invisible man science kits someone has put together but the pin barely hold it all in place and the pancreas is still in the box. But I now have a tan. An instant tan. I hate tans. Yet I have one now. There’s a certain allure that is compelling. It is a siren song calling me towards this life of pleasure and ease. Midwest roots run deep and it’s something that simply registers as false. Good new though sir, I have amassed a small faction of other outsiders(as previously reported) that seem to be on a similar path and we continue to grow. We have bonded over age and smoking and general despondency with all outside ourselves. We are the kooks. Somehow, while everyone else is busy we have entrenched ourselves into daily lives.


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  1. Hmm. Joanna Newsom has unfortunately driven me away from harp heavy folky stuff, we'll see if this will be a sufficent antidote.

    Love Neutral Spirits!