Sunday, January 15, 2012

Th'Faith Healers-Imaginary Friend

There must be something wrong because now I have a feeling of writing even more. Was it the long break? Is it the spirit of Christ compelling me? Perhaps it’s Casper the friendly ghost? Most likely it’s that these idle hands need something to do, and masturbation becomes tedious after the 7th or 8th time. So that just means I might as well idle away the hours writing more drivel for people who have the time to waste reading it. Whatever the reason maybe, I might as well up this one. Shoegaze is still being ripped off by people and I doubt those copious royalty checks are finding their way towards this band. They should be. A perennial dollar bin find, this album still can show the young turks a thing or two. I don’t believe there’s a pop band out there now with the sack to close out the album with a 40 minute track. No wait, I take that back. Don’t prove me wrong, but do shut up.

Here (Reup 6/6/12)


  1. Love them...them and Silverfish were a huge amount of fun as well as being very exciting. Have you got any Silverfish live, btw? Also the Peel Sessions were great...unlike Th' Faith Healers, as far as I know S'Fish didn't release all their Peel Sessions..or did they? Lost track of them for a long time. Remember seeing them give Fugazi a run for their money at Brixton Fridge I think it that's a compliment!!