Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Desperate Bicycles-Remorse Code

The British, D.I.Y., cassette culture, messthetics, bed sit recordings, whathaveyou has always been some of my most loved music. It’s probably because it reminds me about all that music can potentially be about. Spontaneous, inept, jovial, challenging, insightful, inquisitive. Basically, the exact opposite of the drang of repetition and pastiche (at best) or plagiarism (what it actually is) that we hear these days. And these guys are definitely some of the old masters of that style. They still have the ability to get excited about things when excitement is at an all time low in my life. The only thing I was excited about this last year was buying a Burberry trench coat and hording mid century modern furniture. Oh, and that yoyo I got for Christmas was pretty exciting too since I now have a new hobby.

Here  (Reuped 6/7/12)

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  1. To young brats like myself, bands such as the Bicycles are stuff of legend and anecdote. You do a great service, you know, by making this stuff available.