Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crow Tongue-The Red Hand Mark

I spent the majority of my youth as well as my twenties fearing I would go insane. I have a bi-polar uncle and a schizophrenic aunt (just one side of my lovely genetic inheritance) so hitting my thirties was a massive relief. And passed that age, I feel this weird return to that fear. Some late creeping psychosis? Perhaps. But I just don't understand how things function anymore. I mean I get general principles but I feel like I was kept in some mid-Victorian cocoon for over a century until I was somehow extracted yet I retained the mentality and perspectives of the time. And maybe that is the signal of insanity, right? When you become so detached from the world you live in then something must be amiss. Yet there are these artifacts, like this album, that do not seem to follow the strictures of the time and tap into something much more elemental. Listening to this I can only feel like I was smoking hash in some Martian-Arabic cafe in a liminal state that exists in some non-linear plane of existence. And that doesn't even make sense. So maybe this is the exercise that lays bare my fears of mental illness for once. I dunno, listen to this and tell me where this takes you. It's a sort of sonic Rorschach I suppose. But however the ears receive it, I doubt they will be disappointed.

Here (Reuped 6/8/12)

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